"When you combine our investment approach with your financial objectives, you get quality portfolio management." -Juanita Jones, Co-Founder & CIO

Our firm offers portfolio management services based on a value equity approach. Our value equity portfolios are managed to guide you towards your financial objectives, consistent with our overall investment approach.

We invest in companies believed to be undervalued relative to the market, favoring companies paying dividends. Potential long-term capital appreciation is also attained through fundamental analysis. Our goal is to outperform the benchmark by adding value through security and portfolio construction.

If you are interested in learning more about portfolio management, please schedule a consultation to further discuss our philosophy, orientation and participation requirements.

Keep reading to learn more about our retail investment approach to portfolio management.

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With our retail investment approach, we manage investment complexity by implementing a four-step management process.

Step 1: Assess Your Goals
We understand your financial goals and objectives are different from the next
person’s. Before any work is done, we make sure we are fully aware of your
financial situation and where you intend to go.

Step 2: Develop an Asset Allocation Strategy
Based on our overall understanding of your unique financial position, we select the best mix of equity and fixed income asset classes. These asset classes are tailored to meet your financial goals, within your risk tolerance.

Step 3: Select Investments
We select investments by investing in equity/balanced portfolios, and/or other appropriate offerings.

Step 4: Review Performance and Adjust Strategy
It is our mission to make sure your financial goals stay on track. To facilitate this, we perform frequent portfolio reviews and implement continuous research and investment combination strategies. Contact us for more information and to schedule a consultation.

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Having expert knowledge in institutional portfolio management, we implement an equity and fixed buying and selling discipline.

Through our three-step process, we are able to present investment options tailored to any institution’s financial goals. Our institutional investment approach involves risk management, research and tailored portfolio construction.

Step 1: Risk Management 

We help minimize risk by analyzing investment style, capitalization, sector and individual security selection.

Step 2: Fundamental Research 

We evaluate fundamental soundness prior to inclusion.

Step 3. Tailored Portfolio Construction 

We work within the restrictions and guidelines you set, so the target portfolio is modified to meet your needs.

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"It's our belief that excellent returns can be obtained while carefully managing investment risks."

- Juanita Jones, Co-Founder & CIO

Our Investment Concept entails our firm’s commitment to offering you consistent risk-adjusted returns through disciplined asset management. We base investing on a solid investment concept, and our
investment strategy has a singular focus. We believe consistent returns can be obtained while carefully managing risk.

We implement a value-added process through market analysis, sector research and security selection. 

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