"Representation matters when making investment decisions. Our firm is committed to representing you in the most sound and respectful way." - Nicole R. Fields, Public Relations & Admin Officer

Our retail brokerage division serves retail investors of various backgrounds. With a
combined 90 years experience, our dedicated registered representatives have the necessary expertise to asses your situation and guide you through making the best investment decisions.

We understand your questions regarding investing, so our advisors take a holistic approach in analyzing your financial needs. Your advisor considers your overall financial situation, goals, risk tolerance and horizon. Your advisor's thorough analysis allows the best guidance to reach your stated investment goals.

Whether you are looking to navigate mutual funds, the stock market, bond market or are looking for education savings plan options, we offer many investment options.
Most importantly, we provide you access to financial markets, and help strategically position your investments based on your goal analysis. 

To us, you are more than just a number, and we will work to assist you in achieving your financial goals. Do not let investing become an intimidating experience, and do not let inexperience prevent you from broadening your financial objectives.

If you are serious about taking a right direction step, give us a call to schedule a consultation. If you are an institutional investor, learn more about our institutional brokerage services and investment options.

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Our goal is to offer the most relevant and informative investment banking services throughout the Southeast and beyond.

We aim to provide you with unsurpassed financial advice, knowledge and understanding that enhances your financial literacy, thus increasing your ability to take an active and comprehensive role in the process. We want you to be a smart and competent investor.

Please visit the different areas of investment banking that we provide and contact us for a consultation to get you started.

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"An experienced, ethical and trustworthy broker-dealer makes the winning difference." - Travis Jones, Marketing & Strategic Officer

We have the ability and capacity to handle institutional brokerage accounts, as well as provide institutional brokerage services. Our full-service broker-dealer designation and clearing firm relationship allows us to provide these services.

As a broker-dealer, our key advantage is commission fee pricing flexibility. We offer competitive pricing on both the equity and fixed side, while still providing excellent
institutional brokerage service and quality. We provide institutional brokerage services to:
▪ pension managers
▪ money managers
▪ city, state and county treasurers/financial officers
▪ corporations

We believe we can can provide institutional brokerage services at a level greater than or equal to our competitors; this includes account transition management. In this economy, trust, expertise and costs are important.

If you are looking for an experienced, ethical and trustworthy broker-dealer, give us a call to discuss your institutional needs and how our services can advance your institution's investment goals.

Learn more about the investment options available to you or your institution.



"Our ability to provide you with various investment options ensures we can give you the best guidance and strongest investment position." -Travis Jones, Marketing & Strategic Officer

Through our clearing firm association with Saxony Securities and vendor agreements with most mutual fund companies, we offer differentiated financial products that can potentially diversify your portfolio and potentially increase your investment options.

We understand every financial situation is different, so access to various products ensure we guide you to the right investment options. 

After you have reviewed our available  investment options, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and to schedule a consultation to get you started.



Taking the right steps with the right investments.

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Whether your investing strategy includes sharing in companies' profits or having voting power via common stock, we have the resources, expertise and access to strategically guide you toward the best stock positions.


Whether you are a corporation looking to grow your operations, a government entity investing in sound infrastructure or an entity looking to refinance existing debt, we can provide you direct and strategic guidance in issuing bonds.

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It's never too early to plan for your retirement. No matter what stage in life you find yourself, funding your future is serious business. Through our guidance and expertise, we can guide you toward the best IRA to help fund your future. If you are an employer, we can strategize and help you determine the best 401k plan to provide your employees.


Maybe you are looking to earn interest income or are looking for more diversification in your portfolio. However, you may be looking to invest in securities that are more conservative and have potentially lower risk. Based on your long-term and short-term investment goals, our customized investment strategy could include various government securities that could potentially lower your investment risk.

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Investing in securities requires a sound investment strategy. Our customized investment strategy may lead you to mutual fund investments. These mutual funds can provide you access to diversified and professionally managed portfolios at a potentially lower price.


Maybe you are an established investor looking to diversify your portfolio even more, or a new investor looking at all options. Our customized strategy can reveal alternative investments that may suit your long-term and short-term investment goals. Whether you are looking to invest in real estate or private equity, we can provide you guidance to make the right investments.

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For many, college is a pivotal life-step. Make sure you and your future collegiate scholar are prepared for tuition costs and more. Based on your goals and objectives for college planning, our customized investment strategy can guide you in making the best investment decisions ahead of college. Make a plan and be prepared.

Give us a call to schedule your financial planning consultation. Taking the right steps is more than about moving, it's also being confident and competent in your investment strategy. Give us a call today.